doubts / questions

This page attempts to resolve all doubts you may have, so please check it because you can find the answer sooner than expected šŸ™‚

When will expire files available for download?
The link remains active at high speed for the first 2 weeks. Then, for security reasons is maintained for over 3 months
The video plays wrong or lagged audio
Do not worry, the video is perfect.
If the video becomes wrong or audio is lagged is because you are using a bad video player, sometimes even using GOOD player may not have enough power on your computer to play the video.

Ā”Ā”I don't recieve any video!!

First: If you are using a mail from HOTMAIL / NEW OUTLOOK check your Junk Mail folder, most likely be there. This is not our fault, hotmail is famous for giving everyone problems.

If you just buy the video, you have to wait as indicated in Note 48h purchase in order to process your video. If after that time will not arrive please contact us and we will send you the video quickly;-)

I have doubts to buy, is it safe?

There are two payment methods.

1-Wire Transfer (Europe only)

2-Paypal, widely known on the internet and created by the same company that EBAY. Your data travels safely and when doing shopping all done in the paypal environment so the security is guaranteed